[Mapserver-users] Quick Lesson

Eric Katherman vaiod at berloy.com
Fri May 28 19:02:25 EDT 2004

Okay.. I have been using PHP for a while now but the documentation that is 
provided for the PHP classes and MS are confusing me.  Could someone explain 
what I am looking at and how I can use this information in a practical 
application with PHP?  I am trying to get the scalebar to show up using PHP 
but am having no success.  

Perhaps a good PHP Classes reference so that I can better grasp this whole 
constructor concept.

Snippit from MS/PHP Reference
ScalebarObj Class


  Instances of scalebarObj are always are always embedded inside the mapObj.

   int height;
   int width;
   int style;      
   int intervals;
   colorObj color;
   colorObj backgroundcolor;            
   colorObj outlinecolor;
   int units;
   int status; //MS_ON, MS_OFF, MS_EMBED
   int position; //for embeded scalebars, MS_UL, MS_UC, ...
   int transparent;
   int interlace;
   int postlabelcache;
   labelObj label;
   colorObj imagecolor;


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