[Mapserver-users] Javascript solutions for navigating

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Mon May 31 07:32:25 EDT 2004

Giuseppe Chielli wrote:

>Hi! I'm just studying mapserver and I follow the discussion in the list, but I can't understand if there is a javascript solution already implemented for viewing and consulting a map (for example, implementation of tools like zoom in and zoom out with boxes, and so on for a better graphical interface). I refer to a Mapserver compliant solution, of course.
>I apologize for my little knowledge of Mapserver.
>Thanks for your answers.
maybe it would make sense for you to dig a little into standardisation 
and interoperability. You can basically use any WebGIS or internet GIS 
client to view and query maps from UMN MapServer, if you configure it as 
a web map service as defined in the OGC WMS standard.

For further details you can also have a look at the homepage of the 
Mapbender project http://www.mapbender.org
it contains more information about this WMS implementing mapping client.

Regards, Arnulf.

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