wildcard characters in setExpression (php_mapscript)

Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Mon Aug 1 16:57:03 EDT 2005

Try one more set of quotes, like so:

  $AG1->setexpression("('[RDBD]' == 'AG')");

>>> Shashi Gireddy <gireddy at GMAIL.COM> 08/01/05 12:54 PM >>>
Here is my setExpression in php_mapscript

$AG1->setexpression("([RDBD] == 'AG')");

Here AG inside the expression is a string, I tried all types of
wildcards (PHP, c, Java) but it didn't respond to me, the output is
just a blank image.

Help appreciated.
thank you,

Shashi Kiran Reddy. Gireddy,
Graduate Assistant,
CBER, University of Alabama.
Cell: 205-239-6655

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