MapServer vs. Deegree

Ken Lord kenlord at GMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 12 12:58:29 EDT 2005

Why is it that whenever something works very well ... but uses technology 
more than a year or so old, people jump out worried that it might hold them 
back with 'legacy technology'?
 Shouldn't the performance and adaptability of the product matter more?
 Don't these people consider the risks of being an early adopter of 
'futuristic technology' such as:
- small user base
- lack of support
- unexpected / hidden bugs
- narrow focus / no flexibility
- climbing a new learning curve
- potential higher costs (for deployment and maintenance of an unknown 
 I have no idea what Deegree is like, I'm sure its great, my rant is not 
targetted at that product, just at the philosophy of 'legacy technology'
 This has been 'My Two Cents' with your host, Ken Lord.
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