a mapserver framework for flexibility

Eduardo Patto Kanegae lists at WEBMAPIT.COM.BR
Sun Aug 21 20:45:11 EDT 2005

Hi folks,

I'm currently looking for a MapServer *framework* to build MapScript 
applications inside another application : MamboServer.

Just to clarify, MamboServer ( www.mamboserver.com ) is a free CMS 
software written in PHP and have a lot of great features.

Now, we want to integrate MapServer inside Mambo as a mambo component.

I was thinking to use Chameleon as preffered mapping framework, but is 
my suggestion right?

Can I  do it? Or chameleon can just work alone? I mean, can I use 
Chameleon widgets to load MapFiles,
draw maps but inside another PHP application? ( because, we need to 
validate user rights, etc...)

another idea I was thinking about is to develop OGC maps, to be used 
with desktop applications (JUMP,uDig,ArcGIS OGC,...)
and also a set of "mirror" maps  using NON-ogc access , to be used by 
PHP/MapScript applications. I was thinking in doing
things this way to get some "speed" on web applications. But, is this 
really necessary? Or OGC maps should be enough
to feed web MapServer clients and desktop clients?

thanks in advance.

best regards.

Eduardo Patto Kanegae

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