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Jeff Portwine jdport at VERITIME.COM
Mon Aug 22 10:23:30 EDT 2005

I didn't see any responses to Jerl's question, but I'm actually having the 
same problem.   I like to use a thick line to indicate state borders, but I 
don't like the thick line along the coast of the country.. especially in the 
Rhode Island area where there are a lot of small bays and inlets and such, 
half the state gets obscured by the border line :-)

Is there any solution to this?  I have seen maps that didn't show state 
boundries along the coastline before , but I don't know how it was done.


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I'm looking for a shapefile that outlines each state, but does not
have an outline at the shoreline.  This way I can put up a dotted line
to show state borders, but not have that line running around the
Or if someone could tell me how to go about doing this I would greatly
appreciate it.



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