OGR Problem

Dave Mitchell dave.mitchell at NEWGROVE.COM
Tue Aug 23 11:30:08 EDT 2005

At a good suggestion from Mapserver-User Bart, I have tried running my ovf
file from a command prompt with ogrinfo, which seems to work fine.

This is what my command prompt says:

Had to open data source read-only.
INFO: Open of `postoffice.ovf'
using driver `VRT' successful.
1: mylayer (Point)

However, I understand that the ODBC drivers may need environment variables
to be set to function correctly through mapserver, can anyone tell me what
I need to do for this.

Also is there a way I can tell whether my PHPMapscript/Chameleon setup is
actually calling the right ogr dlls in Winnt/systrem 32?

Best regards,


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