PHP/Mapscript as WMS server

Sebastian Albrecht albrecht at FIELAX.DE
Wed Aug 24 12:54:16 EDT 2005


in the mailinglist archives in 2003 I found a thread called
"OGC compliant WMS server delivering dynamic layers".

It was about a PHP/Mapscript script used as some kind of proxy WMS
server. Requests like GetCapabilities were directly forwarded to the
local mapserv cgi-bin using Header('Location: http://...?REQUEST=')
while the GetMap request was processed in the PHP script itself for
loading dynamic layers depending on the scale or sth.

Are there any current projects which are based on the idea of using
Mapscript to build up a more dynamic WMS server component?

Best regards,

PS: Will I have to use sth. like Deegree for having more dynamic at
the backend (f. e. for loading dynamic data, filters or expressions
depending on the scale)?

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