Installation Problem

Xin crazygecko at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 31 04:35:04 EDT 2005

Hi Philippe,

What problems are you having exactly? More details about your system and 
whatever error messages are produced will enable people to help you more. 
Here's a couple of things I've found.

Go to <> and do a search for mapserver. The 
latest version found is 4.2, slightly outdated but good to play around with.

Also there's if you 
fancy compiling it yourself.

Hope these helps.


On 26/08/05, Philippe Grégoire <philippe.gregoire at> wrote:
> Hi
> I am having a problem installing MapServer on my Mandrake system. I know
> there is supposed to be step by step installation for this particular 
> system
> but I can't find it. Can I have a link to that documentation please?
> Thanks
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