Querying and labeling a WFS layer in Mapserver WFS client

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at SYNCERA-ITSOLUTIONS.NL
Thu Dec 8 12:15:32 EST 2005

For ogrinfo you have to do something like:

ogrinfo thefile.gml myns:xxxlayer -summary

It seems to me the property names include the namespace, so you should use the full names in LABELITEM etc. Did you try that?

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>>> frequens <frequens at gmail.com> 12/08/05 6:12 PM >>>
On 12/8/05, Bart van den Eijnden <BEN at syncera-itsolutions.nl> wrote:
> I haven't tried this myself but maybe you need to include the namespace in
> front of the column name, so myns:XXX_ID.
> What does ogrinfo report on your gml file? What are the names of the
> attributes when you check the summary with ogrinfo?

Bart, thank you for a good starting point:

the  .gfs file is plain (perhaps too much :-):


The ogrinfo output of the .gml is even more plain (so there is clearly
something wrong):

1. myns:xxxlayer

The EPSG ows_metadata keyword is defined on the map level and present in the
.gml file, but not spit out in .gfs file (should it be?).

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