PHP Mapscript - Jpeg2000

Norman Barker nbarker at RSINC.COM
Wed Dec 14 04:15:37 EST 2005

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Frank Warmerdam wrote:

>On 12/13/05, Norman Barker <nbarker at> wrote:
>>Is there a binary version of PHP mapscript for windows that anyone has available that includes support for Jpeg2000?  It seems that the version I have with MS4W doesn't include JP2 suppport.  Any help would be great.  I can't build mapscript on windows myself, since I don't have the microsoft compiler.
>I think that Assefa is building the MS4W binaries with ECW
>support, is that not right?  If so, I think it should also include
>JPEG2000 support (with driver name JP2ECW).
>Best regards,
Yes the ECW support is built in the binaries distributed with ms4w.


Thank you for your help, I will try to get this working.  Jpeg2000 offers lots of benefits, and seems to work really well with MapServer (I was using FWTools on Windows before I needed php support), the resolution pyramids in Jpeg2000 avoid the need to use gdaladdo (correct me if I am wrong!), and offer excellent compression as well! 

Many thanks,


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