[mapserver-users] MapServer Keywords Codeless Language Module for BBEdit TextWrangler etc

Ben Madin lists at remoteinformation.com.au
Sun Apr 18 21:44:49 EDT 2010

David et al,

If you wouldn't mind giving this a run, I would be interested in feedback - especially from someone who knows something about how these things really work! (Excuse the name of the post, I'm hoping to make it easy to google)

It should work in TextWrangler from what I have read. It seems to be working OK in BBEdit, although I don't think I really understand some of the syntactic opportunities or differences, such as between a keyword and a predefined name (I wanted the keywords that needed an END tag to shade a different colour to the ones that don't...) and I haven't worked out the operator colouring, but I don't use many.

It is based entirely on the maplexer.l file for the current (5.6.3) version (as recommended by Steve Lime). I looked at the vim one, but it was a little unclear which words were current etc.

It installs in ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/, or the equivalent for TextWrangler.

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On 16/04/2010, at 23:12 , Fawcett, David (MPCA) wrote:

> If it worked in TextWrangler too, that would be very cool!
> If you get one pulled together, please announce it to the list.
> David.
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> On 4/16/2010 4:10 AM, Ben Madin wrote:
>> G'day all,
>> I realise that this might seem like a developers list query, but is there anywhere I can find a nice concise list of MapServer Keywords / Reserved words etc. - I'm trying to set up a syntax colouring plugin for BBEdit? (I did try searching the site, but didn't get what I was after.)
>> Alternatively, does anyone have a BBEdit language module for MapServer?
>> cheers
>> Ben
> I use the vim syntax highlighting, it'll have the keywords:
> http://mapserver.org/development/editing/vim.html
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