[mapserver-users] [ANN] TinyOWS 1.0.0 release

Olivier Courtin olivier.courtin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 17:52:00 EST 2012

Hi alls,

TinyOWS 1.0.0 official release is (finally) out !

You could download it from:
(checksum 25c9567848b97a3ad9a111c0053e4248)

 - Configuration change with broken backward compatibility:
    * default config file is now /etc/tinyows.xml
    * default schema dir is now $PREFIX/share/tinyows/schema
    * rename server and prefix to ns_uri ans ns_prefix
    * rename wfs_display_bbox to display_bbox
 - Encoding support, written by Carlos Ruiz: cruizch at gmail.com
 - Estimated_bbox option for GetCapabilities response (default is false)
 - Schema cache for fast-cgi mode (huge performance improvement on
transaction operations)
 - Improve drasticaly GetCapabilities performance on huge layer (Thanks to
Nicklas Aven for report)
 - Add ability to use different names for layer and storage table (table
 - Mapfile config file support (use related TINYOWS_MAPFILE env. var)
 - Debug option available from configure step (--enable-debug)
 - Improve result from --check option
 - Add wfs_default_version config file option, to set server default WFS
 - Add gml_ns config file option, to set if any, layers properties using
GML namespace
 - Add log_level config file option, to allow more granularity in log output
 - PostGIS version init check (support 1.5 and coming 2.0)
 - Update XSD schema (WFS, FE, GML), so need a new 'make install' step if
you upgrade
 - CITE WFS-T 1.0.0 SF-0 full compliant (require PostGIS 2.0)
 - CITE WFS-T 1.1.0 SF-0 full compliant (require PostGIS 2.0)
 - Lot of debug stuff (a special thanks to Boris Leukert, Jukka Rahkonen
and Even Rouault for detailled reports)
 - Security fixes (SQL Injection vulnerability - Reported by Even Rouault)

Thanks again to all folks who contributed on it !

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