[mapserver-users] Guidance on using time dependent non-EPSG layers

David Hoese dhoese at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 09:14:54 PST 2019


I'm putting together a mapserver to serve satellite instrument raster 
images that are on a projection that has no EPSG code. There is one 
image per "time step" (when the satellite instrument observed it) and 
the instrument is still recording data so new images will be added over 
time. The software generating the images is producing tiled geotiffs. 
I'm fairly familiar with geotiffs but not shapefiles or with the details 
of mapserver. From what I've read I understand that serving data in a 
non-EPSG projection is not strictly something the WMS-spec allows for, 
but as long as I get images out I'd be OK with that.

I'm hoping someone can help me or point me to some more information 

1. What are my options for adding a time dimension to geotiffs? If I 
converted them to TileDB arrays with a time dimension would that work (I 
plan on trying this out later today). I've gone through this basic 
tutorial from TileDB but haven't tried adding a time dimension yet: 

2. Is there a good way to serve non-EPSG layers? If the best way to do 
it involves making up an EPSG code in PROJ, do I need to update the 
"proj.db" database?

Thanks for any guidance.


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