FOSS4G OSGeo Project visibility

Jody Garnett jgarnett at
Tue Aug 22 04:38:57 EDT 2006

A couple of answers from the GeoTools community.

We tried talking about this in the geotools meeting yesterday, but 
enthusiasm was really low (as hacker this
is basically there first change to meet in person and they all want to 
talk shop). However the word is out.

We will have several demos of the interoperability kind that we were 
going to use for the demofest, but demo of a library
is hard (we can only show applications).

Here are two ideas:
 We are starting on a demo/introduction as part of the library download.
-I am doing a couple of presentations for FOSS4G

Would these be sufficient content for the viscom requirement.


> On Mon, August 21, 2006 22:48, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> <Arnulf>
>>> Projects are ~required to deliver presentation and demo for graduation.
>>> This is what is referred to here. An avi might not be that important but
>>> living demos are essential! VisCom can obviously not prepare them, so
>>> the projects would need to make sure they have something to show. If
>>> software needs be installed locally please bring your own. Enhance it
>>> with some breath-taking new gimmick. Steve Lime was bored last year, I
>>> don't want to see this happen again. :-)
>>> </Arnulf>
>> Arnulf,
>> 1. Could you please update
>> with a list
>> of documentation required for Marketing, or link to a list.
>> 2. As Mapbuilder is about to be proposed for graduation, has it created
>> sufficient marketing material?
> Hi Cameron,
> I found OSGeo_MapBuilder.pdf in the VisCom library but the "source" is not
> there. Probably it should be upadted too. I think we can require at least
> this document to be therre for every project. What do you think? There is
> a German language version that the German Local Chapter is taking care of.
> As an add on you could make a presentation with maybe 10 slides and a list
> of all productive and demo systems that you can lay your hands on. I think
> that would be helpful for booths. Try the 5 minute rule.
> Can you nudge one or two of your team to staff a table at FOSS4G?

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