please sanity check a press release which mentions OSGeo

Jo Walsh jo at
Tue Aug 29 06:44:12 EDT 2006

dear VisCom,

I wanted to give you a heads-up about this - a Public Geodata press
release about the letter we're sending to the 25 European Environment
Ministers who will decide the future of the European Spatial Data
Infrastructure directive (INSPIRE).

It has quotes from myself and Markus in it, and mentions both of our
OSGeo roles, and has an explanatory sentence taken from the notes at
the bottom with a link to the osgeo site.

The letter itself is very similar to the one that we sent to the
Environment Committee in Parliament back in March, which Markus signed
and the OSGeo Board approved a statement of support for - it just adds
a paragraph describing what happened since and has questions at the
end. This version is just coming from Public Geodata's 6000+
supporters, under Benjamin Henrion's signature. So OSGeo's only 
involvement here is its directors being quoted in the Press Release.

If anyone has issues with this I would appreciate it if you could let
me know as soon as possible, because French and German translations
are holding up on this version being "approved"; ideally they should
be done tonight and this PR sent at 8am UTC+2 Wednesday; can hang on
til Thursday if nesc but shouldn't leave it later.



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