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Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Fri Dec 29 11:51:43 EST 2006

Arnulf, Jo:
* The "Bainbridge Island" bit refers to where the card holder lives/works; I sort of felt we needed some sort of identifying geolocation of the person, and since OSGeo doesn't really have an "office" anywhere physical...
* Yes, all addresses should be of the form xxx at osgeo.org -- the one you saw was just a sample.
* The T/P thing I have no opinion on.  I've asked people to just give me up to 2 numbers, any format: and some use words like "office", "cell", "f", etc.  Not sure we can standardize this is any way.  I personally don't see fax numbers as useful anymore -- maybe suggest people only allowed to list one voice number, and do anway with the need for f/p/t/c etc?
* Double-sided requires customization and expense, and I'd rather not go there at this point.  We will have the template available to us, so if someone wants to do something on their own...
Note that doing quality cards individually / custom requires a lot of overhead expense which I have trouble justifying.  I don't have the numbers right now, but I think it makes more economic sense to do a larger batch order for all those who need cards, every 3-6 months or something.  Certainly VisCom isn't going to pay for any more than this first round for the board!  :-)
* Lat/lon precision is up to the submitter.  Depends on how accurate or fuzzy they want the targetting to be I guess...
* I'm not sure I understand the info at osgeo.org bit.  Do you want that email address to appear on the card in addition to your own address?  [JohnC may have already locked in the design at this point, not sure we can add another field now.]
PS- Also, note that all phone numbers are being done with a country code now.  That should make you happy!


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Jo Walsh wrote:
> dear mpg, the card looks very tasteful. Thanks for your efforts.
> I would have one suggestions which is to put the info at osgeo.org email
> address somewhere on there as well as the personal one. - 'for more
> information, call...'
> cheers,
> jo

Hi Michael,
yes very nice card. Sorry to be a languagenihilitator again but people in Germany will not get what the "P" means, in German. It is a "T" as in telephone here, I guess some other regions might have similar limited understanding. Six decimals in the coordinates makes one's position really very precise... :-)

What does "Bainbridge Island,..."refer to? Is it the work place of the card holder or the official OSGeo postal address?

I would rather want to have an OSGeo email there (one that I can use as sender too, we had this discussion before), or is it intended to directly link to the company email?

On some beta test cards that I have used at various OSGeo booths I referenced an OSGeo project on the flip side (in my case Mapbender). Would it be possible to get this done with these cards too? Else I would suggest that you send a template to those who want to customize their card and they get it printed at their local places. This would additionally remove the nuisance of having to send stuff around (I had to pay extra $50 customs for a shitty cafe press order that took 9 weeks!). To make sure everything is correct the customized card should be sent in for approval.

Best regards,

> On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 11:10:06AM -0800, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
>> The VisCom Gang is nearing the end of our branding/logo exercise, and
>> for a Christmas present we'd like to try and get you all a stack of
>> crisp, white OSGeo business cards.
>> Don't ask how much this costs, I'm still working through all that [argh]
>> -- but I can tell you that we're getting requests for these a LOT, and
>> that we can't afford to get them made up for everyone, but that at the
>> very least the boardfolk should have them if possible, and so I'm
>> collecting the needed info now before people take off on holiday in
>> order to keep things rolling along.
>> See attached for a sample of the cards.
>> If interested in getting a stack, please send me:
>>   - your full name, spelled out as your prefer it
>>   - your OSGeo title (whatever you think that might be)
>>   - your email address (probably should be using the osgeo.org domain)
>>   - up to two phone numbers, e.g. office, cell, fax, etc
>>   - your city, state/province, and country (or whatever simple,
>> single-line string works for roughly locating you)
>>   - your lat/lon coords in decimal degrees, and optional height value
>> If you know of anyone other than {board members, Tyler, me} who should
>> get one of these goodies, please let me know.  (We will undoubtedly make
>> a wider call later for members who want them, but those will not be done
>> gratis as these will be.)
>> -mpg
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