[VisCom] Update on brochures

Peter Moran peter.moran at autodesk.com
Mon Jun 5 13:01:58 EDT 2006


Thanks for update - I was curious.

Yes, I'll be around, at least on Monday the 12th.  To make copies, we
can use the in-house copy center if they have capacity, or Kinko's
across the street.  Either does a pretty nice job, and I've used them to
do brochures in the past.  I'm thinking 100-150 copies each.

Let's plan on getting that rolling Monday morning.  Or if you email me
final files as high-res pdfs, I can get started on copying sooner.


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Hi all, just wanted to give you a brief update on where I'm at with  
the brochures.
I've got 5 out of 9 ready to review in draft form.  I expect to wrap  
up the rest tomorrow evening.  I will then post them for you and the  
project managers to review.

I am still not clear on how whether we should wait to print them  
during our face-to-face (Peter, will you be there?) or do it ahead of  
time.  Any suggestions?  I know I'd rather not lug them around  
through customs, etc.


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