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B really.
A new user browsing the OSGeo site needs to be able to quickly see what projects are available and what they do, look at some case studies, read community bios, etc, before delving deeper into the projects that might meet their business needs.
By just providing links to the project home pages, we are exposing the users to many different site structures, and are dumping them out of the main osgeo site before they get a chance to get a good overview of what is available.  Creating approved summaries for each project--with a links to the main project page, related case studies, demos,  and community bios--allows us to ensure that users are given a consistent and fair representation of our projects, while allowing individual projects to structure their main web presense as best fits their needs.
The medium-term goal is to have the front page be focused on areas that potential users might be interested in, and give them paths through the site tailored to their needs.  We're trying to flesh this out here:
ESRI actually does this fairly well in the "GIS: Getting Started" section on their main page: http://esri.com/  I have no problem stealing good ideas... as long as they're not patented :)


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I'm not clear if you're suggesting:


A) a single index page that lists each of the projects, with short descriptions and maybe a screengrab




B) a page for each project


If it's B), then shouldn't descriptive information be found on the main project page, such as https://mapguide.osgeo.org <https://mapguide.osgeo.org/>   ?




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