OSCON planning

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 28 00:34:49 EDT 2006

Kirsten and Heather (from Autodesk) joined me in the scheduled  
conference call last Friday.  There are several events on the horizon  
that Autodesk is sponsoring and donating their perks to OSGeo (OSCON  
and EuroOSCON).  To take advantage of the opportunities VisCom needs  
to do some organising.

OSCON - O'Reilly's Open Source Convention held in Portland, Oregon,  
USA - July 24-28th, 2006.
See http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2006/

-Booth and adverts will be provided as at where 2.0 by Autodesk  
marketing staff (thanks!).
-Gary is doing a keynote talk.

We need:
-volunteers to manage the booth (by using conference passes)
   - I volunteer to help find volunteers
   - I know of 3-6 people who are already either attending or will  
attend with a free pass
   - I just want VisCom's blessings to commit the passes to them
-speakers to fill a 45 minute slot.  I suggest splitting it between  
2-3 people.
   - this is the Products/Services track (http:// 
   - Kirsten/Heather - can you confirm that speakers during this time  
slot also get full free admission?
   - I have already started asking some people to consider it
-to confirm whether or not other promo opportunities could work  
(press event, etc.)
   - I assumed we would have low OSGeo volunteer attendance, which  
might make it more difficult to pull them off well, but want to  
discuss it with this group to see what others think.


I will summarise our needs for the other events that we discussed in  
another email.  OSCON is certainly the priority due to timing, etc.

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