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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Sat Mar 11 14:58:37 EST 2006

Helton Uchoa wrote:
> Hi Michel,
> I'm searching in OSGeo website trying to find some work that I can help. 


Honestly, I think the single most valuable thing you can do is to help
us see how to connect with the Brazilian open source geospatial community

> Below there are some reasons that make me contact you.
> I'm mantainer of the biggest group of Open Source Geotechnologies in 
> Brazil ( I created 
> this group in 2003, and today It has than 500 people.
> In the last years, I have participated in main Geotechnologies events in 
> Brazil and I have presented the concepts of Open Source and GNU Philosophy.
> I'm mantainer of (Geolivre Community) and I'm working in 
> Geolivre Conference (
> All these projects can be used by OSGeo to talk directly to portuguese 
> language communities. So I think this is a good start point to give more 
> integration of OSGeo with Latin America.
> A suggestion that I can make to Promotion and Visibility Committee is 
> define the websites in many languages that can be used to talk about 
> OSGeo. The ideia is make a strong link with local communities. 

Yes, I would agree with this.  I see you are already on the OSGeo Web
Committee.  Have they address translation of the web site?  I think
key documents posted to the web site (ie. mission, faq, etc) should
be translated into as many languages as we can find volunteers to address.

 > I'm
> afraid the OSGeo walks to the  same way the OGC: *no representation in 
> Latin America*. So I believe that my work can contribute to make this 
> link with our community.

Well, I think we have made a small start with the inclusion of you
and Rafael as voting members.  But I *think* it is key for you to
help lead outreach efforts within Brazil, and also to educate us all
on projects and user activities in Brazil.

> Questions: How does work the process to join to this commitee? Can I add 
> the Geolivre Conference 2007 ( in section "Future 
> events with OSGeo Project and Foundation presence"?

For now I think you would add yourself to the wiki page showing your interest,
and I would expect you would be added at the formative meeting of the
committee which hasn't occured yet.  Thereafter you would join by requesting
an existing member or the chair to nominate you at a meeting and a vote would
be held to add or not add you.  Generally speaking if you are willing to work
I'm sure you will be welcomed.

Also, I think you can just go ahead and add Brazilian events to the list of
events it would be good to have OSGeo representation at.

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