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Haven't read the article yet, but looks like it would give a good 
analysis of the perceptions we're up against...

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Although this paper is not specifically about the adoption of open 
source geospatial software, the paper may be relevent to those working 
in the geospatial area, who would like to see more use of open source 
   (note: Information & Management is not an open access journal)


   Something for nothing: management rejection of open source software 
in Australia’s top firms
   Sigi Goode, Information & Management 42(5): 669-681 (July 2005)

   Organisations have traditionally relied on commercial software 
products to support their operations. However, rising software costs and 
recent corporate failures have brought the provision and value of 
commercial software into question. Recently, open source software, as a 
relatively new development in the IS field, has risen in popularity as a 
possible panacea for these ills. If firms value low acquisition cost, 
ostensibly plentiful support, and source code access, why have not more 
firms adopted open source software? The lack of published empirical 
research in the area means this issue has been inadequately addressed.
   This paper examines why firms do not adopt open source software. This 
study surveyed 500 of Australia’s top firms to see why managers rejected 
open source software. The study found that managers rejected open source 
software because they could not see that it had any relevance to their 
operations, perceived a lack of reliable ongoing technical support of it 
and also appeared to see substantial learning costs or had adopted other 
software that they believed to be incompatible with open source software.

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