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Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Thu May 4 00:07:55 EDT 2006

Ah, was just about to write you a quick typo fix and realized I never 
actually replied to this, though I meant to.

Nathan Torkington wrote:
> On 28/04/2006, at 1:36 PM, Chris Holmes wrote:
>> Hey Nat, we had a 'visibility committee' meeting for OSGeo today,  and 
>> one of the topics was OSGeo presence at Where.  Things are  looking 
>> great, thanks for the solid open source focus.  And at the  board 
>> meeting tomorrow we'll figure out who should do the 15 minute  spot 
>> and get back to you.
> Thanks!
Ok, so the latest word on this is that Autodesk is going to use their 
keynote speech to just talk about OSGeo.  So that's going to be Gary 
Lang, and do intro stuff and business case for it and all.  Frank will 
do the 15 minute slot on more the nitty gritty details of how to get 
involved in OSGeo, what we do on a day to day basis, ect.

>> But one question that came up was if there was going to be some  sort 
>> of exhibition area?  We're going to have a number of OSGeo  members 
>> there, and so would have enough people to staff such a  thing.  A 
>> donated booth would be great, or we also can likely link  up with 
>> Autodesk - but autodesk folks were unsure if there were  going to be 
>> exhibitions, and if they get one by virtue of being a  sponser.
> There's definitely an expo area for sponsors.  I'm trying to find out  
> whether there's similar space for the non-profits.
Looks like autodesk is also willing to fully donate their booth space to 
OSGeo, so if there's no space for non-profits we can just make use of 
it.  We have quite a few people attending and/or interested in 
attending, to staff the booth space, so we should have a good presence. 
  Though unfortunately the OGC OWS-4 kickoff is at the same time, so 
some of us who are involved in both may have to go to that (Raj is 
taking a red eye after doing his presentation the first day).

This conference looks like it's coming together quite nicely, great work!

best regards,


> Cheers;
> Nat
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