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Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Thu May 4 11:08:09 EDT 2006

Gary, so it looks like Nat wants us to sacrifice the 15 minutes slot he 
offered us if Autodesk is going to use the half hour keynote for OSGeo.

So I see a couple things we could do.  First come up with something more 
compelling for Frank to talk about.  I was hoping to maybe get VisComm 
involved in figuring out what that could be, before sending this email, 
but I had forgot to send it, and at the board meeting we decided to just 
send something.  So I could get back to him with a good reason as to why 
it shouldn't just be in a BOF, what Frank can talk about that'd be of 
interest to attendees, how it'd be different than the keynote, ect.

The other thing we could do is try to get an 'upgrade' on GDAL or some 
other foundation project.  GDAL I think only has a 5 minute slot at the 
moment, so we could see if we could take the 15 minute slot, and let 
worldwind have the 5 minute lightning talk.  Or we could just let 
WorldWind have the 15 minutes slot, as they are a nice open source 
project supporting open standards.


Nathan Torkington wrote:
> On 4/05/2006, at 4:07 PM, Chris Holmes wrote:
>> Ok, so the latest word on this is that Autodesk is going to use  their 
>> keynote speech to just talk about OSGeo.  So that's going to  be Gary 
>> Lang, and do intro stuff and business case for it and all.   Frank 
>> will do the 15 minute slot on more the nitty gritty details  of how to 
>> get involved in OSGeo, what we do on a day to day basis,  ect.
> I'm not so keen on having two talks on OSGeo.  The details of how to  
> get involved, etc. should be in a BOF.  A lot of the audience will be  
> business munchkins and the chances of them having a patch to send in  
> are somewhere between hell freezing over and Henry Rollins being  
> elected President of the United States :)
> I have NASA WorldWind itching to speak about their standards-loving  
> open source system. If the AutoDesk session will already be about  
> OSGeo, I'd love to give the morning session to the WorldWind team.
>> Looks like autodesk is also willing to fully donate their booth  space 
>> to OSGeo, so if there's no space for non-profits we can just  make use 
>> of it.  We have quite a few people attending and/or  interested in 
>> attending, to staff the booth space, so we should  have a good 
>> presence.  Though unfortunately the OGC OWS-4 kickoff  is at the same 
>> time, so some of us who are involved in both may  have to go to that 
>> (Raj is taking a red eye after doing his  presentation the first day).
> There are non-profit spaces too, so if you know of other projects  that 
> should be there please let me know.  There's not enough space  for every 
> Freshmeat project, so please prioritize rather than posting  to Slashdot 
> :-)
> Thanks!
> Nat

Chris Holmes
The Open Planning Project
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