[OSGeo-Board] Re: [VisCom] Re: OSGF at Where 2.0

Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Thu May 4 14:08:32 EDT 2006

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Chris wrote to Nat:
>>Ok, I talked with the board and we're fine with 
>>this, as long as Autodesk's slot is a full half 
>>hour, as we have a good bit we want to 
>>fit in, and we're all going to help out on Gary's 
>>talk.  And as long as it does go to WorldWind, 
>>since we do like them a lot.
> Woah, by the time I (and others on board/viscom) read the emails the story was over.  It may seem superficial but, your "delegation alert" reminder alarm bells should be going off :)

Er, sorry?  I see that now, I think part of my quick response was that I 
felt guilty about having taken so long to get back to him and knowing he 
wants to nail stuff down.  And as Frank and Gary are the two speakers 
involved, and both seemed fine with it, I guess at some level I thought 
that their feedback was sufficient.

> What's the rush?  Did we really want to give up the slot to WorldWind?
Well, to some extent I don't know that it's ours to give up?  If you 
have some compelling talk that we should try to give in that slot than 
we can try to pitch it, but it does seem like a bit much if there's a 
full 45 minutes just about OSGeo, with even more individual projects 
also talking.

I'm sorry, the next time such a decision comes up I'll leave more time 
for feedback.

> Tyler
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