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Ok, I'm happy to go back to Nat with the suggestion for more lightning 
talks for our specific projects, though I will have to eat my words a 
bit.  But we should have a person in mind to do each...


Gary Lang wrote:
> Given the weight we've given the goals of the board the #1 goal should be to promote OSGeo and promote Mapserver, GRASS, MapBender, etc. - our first projects. Otherwise we're not honoring participant's interest in OsGeo. 
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> Chris wrote:
>>Er, sorry?  
> No apology necessary - you were feeling guilty and excited all at once...who could stop you? :)
> Re: Worldwind, I just think that we have some other great projects we could showcase through a couple more lightning talks instead of the 15 minute talk.  E.g. MapServer, MapGuide, GRASS, OSSIM, MapBender, etc. and even loosely associated ones like osgPlanet if we wanted more eye-candy as well.  And we could justify all of them as being "standards loving" too and not just under an OSGeo banner.
>>I'm sorry, the next time such a decision comes up 
>>I'll leave more time for feedback.
> At least you didn't just discuss in IRC, let I'm always tempted to do!  It's understandable though, we're still feeling our way through this.  We're going to keep bumping into issues like this where the board makes decisions that overlap the mandate of committees like VisCom.  
> Delegate...delegate, remember, you want to make the board irrelevant, right? ;)  [referring to your blog]
> Thanks,
> Tyler

Chris Holmes
The Open Planning Project
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