[VisCom] Re: OSGF at Where 2.0

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu May 4 22:10:19 EDT 2006

dear Chris, 

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 09:42:55PM -0400, Chris Holmes wrote:
> What do people think of this proposal?  Looks like Nat is going for it. 
>  It'd give OSGeo 15 minutes in Autodesk's session (diamond sponsers get 
> 15 minutes), and right after that 3 lightning talks highlighting 
> foundation projects.  GRASS already has its own 15 minute session.  And 
> then WW would go with uDig and GeoServer, who already had lightning 
> slots, so we only lose 5 minutes total to WW.

This seems to me like a fine compromise solution; OSGeo gets to do, in
some capacity, what it was originally asked for; Nat gets to optimise the
amount of shiny, visually impressive stuff that goes on the platform;
this can all be complemented by a BOF led by Frank and by space on a stall. 

That neither of those projects are "foundation projects" is not super
relevant, as 1) I guess there's some expectation that uDig and
GeoServer will join in the future and 2) it's all part of the broad
ecology / stack which the Foundation is growing in order to promote... 

good on you for effort to get this sorted out,


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