[VisCom] Where 2.0 promotional opportunities

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Mon May 8 15:59:22 EDT 2006

My quick votes & comments embedded below...

>1.	Plenary speaking opp.  15 minute plenary
>	a.	Opp to hang banner in ballroom during plenary 
>	b.	Opp to distribute materials in ballroom during plenary 
>	c.	Listing and logo placement in conference program as
plenary sponsor 

+1, a good thing

>2.	Sponsor of Exhibit Hall Reception 6:00-7:30 
>	a.	Listing and logo placement in conference program,
website, email announcements, onsite signage 

-0, not needed if we get some of these other things

>3.	2 page ad in conference program 

+1, if we can scurry to get content in time... that said, I actually do
read things like conf programs, not sure if others do...

>4.	Two 6' tabletop displays (pop-up booths allowed) in premium
location in Exhibit Hall - DONATED TO OSGEO 
>	a.	Includes 2, 6' draped counters (20 linear feet) 
>	b.	2 counter height stools 
>	c.	8' high draped backwall to hang banner 
>	d.	Carpeted room (no need to rent carpet) 
>	e.	High speed Ethernet Internet connection 
>	f.	Electrical Connection for two computers 

+1, a very good thing (and reusable!)

>5.	User of press conference for one private press event 

+1, in addition to getting some vis in editorial columns and such, this
could be a good way of priming the pump for an article or two about/by

>6.	Web/Print ads 
>	a.	Company logo and 100 word description prominently
displayed on conference marketing materials and web site 
>	b.	Top logo placement and link on Conference home page 

-0, not needed if we get some of these other things

>7.	20,000 online baler impressions on oreillynet.com 

0, what is an "online baler impression"?  And would I really need twenty
thousand of them?

>8.	Conference passes 

+0, if anyone from OSGeo doesn't have one already or something?

>9.	6 full conference passes (excluding tutorials), conference
materials included 

+0, same as #8	 

> 10.	2-time use of Who's Who, opt in attendee list (pre and post con)

0, not sure what this means.  Does the conf program have a special list
of Really Cool People?  I suppose Gary and Frank would be the
appropriate RCPs?

>11.	Attendee bag insert 

+0, seems redundant if we had good text in the program itself

>12.	Opportunity to host reception at Fairmont Hotel 

+0, how would this be different from the putative BOF?


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