[VisCom] OSGeo tag line pre-selction

Peter Moran peter.moran at autodesk.com
Mon May 15 14:52:18 EDT 2006

Just so no one is surprised, VisCom made a decision last week to use
"The Open Source Geospatial Foundation" as an interim tagline in order
to meet production deadlines for banners and signage at Where 2.0.  


And after looking at the list of entries and thinking about it, I think
it would make a simple but sensible permanent tagline. Why?  "OSGeo.org"
alone tells me:


 - this is some kind of non-profit

 - it may be about operating systems or open source or bone science

 - it may be about geology or geography or geotechnical


Spelling it out makes things clear what the organization is about.  In
any case, we can test it out at Where 2.0 and see how it flies.





From: Daniel Brookshier (Consultant) 
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 9:50 AM
To: OSGeo Board; dev at visibilitycommittee.osgeo.org
Subject: [VisCom] OSGeo tag line pre-selction




We need to whittle down the choices for the OSGeo


There are currently 81 entries in the wiki:


Each person on the board and viscomm has 10 votes. Please select your
top 10 choices. Only 1 vote per entry (no vote piling) because we are
trying to get ten choices, not choose a winner. The final winner will be
chosen by the membership.


Please email me a list of the choices, one per line, with both the
number and the phrase because that will help me in the counting process.


I would like quick turnaround because we want to start the next vote
ASAP. Please email me within the next 48 hours.


Daniel Brookshier | Community Manager | CollabNet, Inc.
8000 Marina Blvd. Suite 600 | Brisbane, CA 94005 | USA
O 972.422.5261 | C 214.207.6614 | dbrookshier at collab.net


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