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Nice job spearheading content gathering and production of project
flyers.  Three things:

1) I'm working with Bob Bray to provide content for MapGuide Open

2) I'll send logo with interim tagline shortly, if you want to use on
flyers.  I've asked our legal rep to craft some language regarding terms
of use for the logo and expect that to be done in a day or two. Then
I'll send logo to VisCom.

3) We're doing a simple one page ad on OSGeo for Where 2.0.  The same
piece *might* be able to do double duty as a one page flyer for
distribution.  It will have logo, the standard blurb describing OSGeo, a
call to action, and the url.  I expect to see a draft tomorrow, as will
share when I can.  Maybe you can use as a template.

All for now,


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A couple more things that I forgot to point out in my first note:
-Forward my note to anyone else who can help you, i.e. your project
mailing list.  I decided to email the initial request directly to you so
I could have a single person contact.
-Please have a single person craft a response and send directly to me,
so that 
I don't have to follow long threads of discussions on a mailing list.
-If you point me to existing material, please note if I have permission
modify it or copy from it.
-Please have the information to me by Monday, May 22nd or sooner if
If that is not going to work for you, please just give us advanced

Thanks a lot, I'm looking forward to getting this great start to promo 
material together.


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