[OSGeo-Board] Re: [VisCom] Face to Face Meeting

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed May 17 18:37:43 EDT 2006

Frank wrote:
> > As discussed we have substantial work items for the board, WebCom and
> > VisCom.
> > The more folks from these committees that can make it the better I
> > believe.

I can make it to this meeting and added myself to the wiki, along with a 
'logistics' section to discuss hotels and travel ideas.

Arnulf wrote:
> If anybody thinks that it would make sense for me to stay for Where 2.0
> please tell me. The 15th is a holiday in Germany so I would just miss
> one work day if I stay for the rest of the week. This would make the
> flight a little more worthwhile (I hate to inject waste into the
> stratosphere directly).

You should be there Arnulf.  At least help man the booth and pass out 
MapBender brochures!  Then also participate in the BOF and developers 
roundtable and meet lots of people.

> If some people from VisCom would be there I could imagine that we
> continue to walk a little after the weekend/Monday sprint, same for
> InCom (we are overdue with respect to Franks keen dates) . If this is
> unrealistic because Where 2.0 attendance eats up everybody this would
> not make too much sense, so I'll appreciate some feedback asap to be
> able to get an affordable flight.

I plan to head straight to San Jose after the meeting, but have no plans for 
that evening.  What about others?


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