[VisCom] OSGeo Ad - last look by noon

Peter Moran peter.moran at autodesk.com
Mon May 22 15:25:27 EDT 2006

Sorry Tyler, I sent in final approval just a minute before I got your
note.  So first sentence will include "...collaborative development of
geospatial technologies and data."

This is rev 1.0.  I think we've done pretty well in a short timeframe.
I'm sure we'll get some feedback once the ad hits.  We can refine for
rev 2.0 or the flyer.

I will also try to get a couple hundred copies of this ad for use as a
handout.  Also pdf for the library on the web site.


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This web mail client isn't very good - resending last note.

Hi Peter, thanks for the update.
I'd rather not keep loading that first sentence.  You could instead get
'geospatial' into the second sentence to side-step the redundancy.

i.e. change:
"Our projects represent the highest quality of open, shared

"Our geospatial projects represent the highest quality of open, shared

What do you think?  Otherwise, I don't mind your change but just feel
the first sentence is pretty long and loaded already.


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