[VisCom] Official logo? (urgent)

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Wed May 24 13:37:24 EDT 2006

Thanks for everyone's fast logo help!
I have got the logo sent off to Lands' End for setup/preparation -- but,
as a feared, we are within their 3-week window and might be subject to a
"rush" fee of $400(!) dollars.  I tried to play the "we just a poor
little non-profit group trying to make the world a better place" card,
but not sure if that will get us anything.  I will hear back from them
in 1-2 days on the setup fees, then we can decide what to do.
(I looked at a couple other vendors, but the charges are comparable --
unless we want to go with low-end looking T-shirts, which I'm not
personally keen on for a formal gig like Where.)
Input welcome.
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