Conference passes

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at
Wed May 24 18:51:02 EDT 2006

We have the opportunity to give away some conference passes.  I want to confirm with the rest of you our approach before I start offering some of them (these are not Autodesk floor passes, but full conference passes).

All speakers/presenters should have their own already from O'Reilly.  So the ones we need to help are those who are:
1) Presenting at the BOF
2) Participating in Roundtable/press event
3) Helping with OSGeo booth
4) Other folks who would benefit

Is there anyone who does not already have access to one, that you know of, who we should approach?  I'm not just thinking of board and members, but trying to be a bit broader - however I want to make sure those who are helping are taken care of first.

Any suggestions?

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