[OSGeo-Board] Re: [VisCom] RE: [OSGeo-Board] Eleventh Board Meeting Agenda

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Fri May 26 13:01:08 EDT 2006

Gary wrote:
> My feeling is that OSGeo needs to focus on promoting its own projects
> first and foremost. Any other companies should get in line behind
> committreed projects. To this end, I would very much like to see
> MapServer, MapBender, GDAL, etc. get promotion time at Where 2.0. How
> are we doing this?

I think there have been recent changes, but this page pretty much sums it up:

Chris - could you verify the full roster of speakers for lightning talks and other talks during the main event?

Anything that doesn't make it up on the main stage, will have the opportunity to do a ~5 min talk during the BOF event.  That's how I'm handling the BOF anyway and why the set of speakers during the rest of the conference needs to be confirmed before I flesh out the BOF.  Make sense? :)


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