[Incubator] Re: [VisCom] Re: [Incubator] Branding/Sales information required in Graduation Template

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Tue Oct 24 20:31:41 EDT 2006

So then we run into the heart of the matter. Whom is this report being 
generated for?
1. Is it a report the the board? Say tracking delays waiting for license 
feedback? Or are we going after specific publicity or interoperability 
goals ...
2. Is it a report to the "communication committees" (viscomm and 
webcomm) with material for or notice of publicity activities?
3. Is it a report to the regional or task based committees? Describing 
changes in project abilities etc...

To straighten this out we as the incubation committee need to crash a 
few more meeting and see what expectations are, before annoying projects 
with a request for quarterly reports.  I can think of a couple items I 
would like to see (evidence of planning for example), but I have no idea 
if they hold wider appeal.

Alternatively we can canvas the existing incubation projects and see 
what artifacts they already produce and look for communality.


Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> This may be minor, but would it be good if all projects could produce
>> monthly status reports outlining key developments, improvements,
>> roadblocks - perhaps number of squashed bugs or something like that.
>> This could serve as a metric for monitoring project activity - but
>> can also serve as a source for a consolidate 'news' or community
>> update.  This would help encourage projects to continue to be active
>> and a good way to keep the board informed of growing issues.
>> Tyler
> This was what I had in mind although it would not really be any kind of
> control as the reporting member would usually have stakes in the project
> and could choose to simply not report problems. Obviously we should be
> able to trust projects but then we must be aware that it is not a
> 'control' thing anymore.
> I would really really suggest to keep it at the 3 month term as Cameron
> suggests, also from the perspective of those having to digest and evaluate
> the information.
> Regards,

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