[VisCom] OSGeo Promotions/Workshop in Vietnam

venka.osgeo venka.osgeo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 03:30:16 EDT 2006

venka.osgeo wrote:
> ....
>> We can do 10 T-shirts easily -- please let me know sizes, shipping 
>> address, and due date and I'll get them to you.
> Thanks. The T-shirts can be mailed to
> 5-Size and 5-Medium Size (with collar would be better)
> Due date before 7th Nov, 2006.
Sorry that was 5-Large (L) and 5-Medium(M) size.

> Thanks. The T-shirts can be mailed to
> Dr. Ho Dinh Duan,
> Institute of Physics HCMC
> 1 Mac Dinh Chi Str.
> Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City
> Vietnam
> Tel. 84-8-8222246
> Fax. 84-8-8234133
>> The $1000 aid for the show seems a worthy cause, but it it above my 
>> spending limit as VisCom chair.  I'll bring this up at our meeting on 
>> Thursday.  [Question for VisCom members to consider: we still don't 
>> have a formal budget; should we try again to make one, continue to 
>> react as events happen and hope for the best, or..?]
> I will try to make it to todays meeting. but 1:00AM Japan time is a
> kind-of-late for me.
> Kind regards
> Venka

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