[SAC] Committee/list merge proposal - was Re: [SAC] RE: [Web Comm] Re: Migration planning meeting

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Oct 27 11:58:13 EDT 2006

I think we need to look at this as more than just merging two committees
or mailing lists.

The reason that there is so much super-crossposting is that there is not
a clear enough separation of duties between the committees.  I believe
that a large part of WebCom's work is really in the realm of VisCom,
while a smaller subset is in the realm of SAC.  There is very little
that is uniquely WebCom's, and most of that would benefit from the
experience of VisCom or SAC members anyway.

My proposal would be to split WebCom's mandate between SAC and VisCom,
and dissolve WebCom.  I don't have enough ego attached to being the
WebCom chair to fight for it, and would be happy to channel that time
into something more directly productive like content creation or helping
with the infrastructure changeover, Drupal customisation, etc...

Note, this is a lot like what was initially proposed by mpg a number of
months ago.


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(taking Frank's comment here from other lists posting)

On 10/26/06, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:
> PS. I'd really like to encourage everyone involved to join the sac
> These super cross posting results in very corrupted subject lines and 
> drive me crazy.  IMHO webcom should primariliy be consulted for drupal

> web site type discussions.  And your (Jason) involvement in sac is 
> enough to ensure webcom infrastructure needs should be met.

... another option, as I suggested at our F2F/CH, is to merge some
committees to get rid of some friction and the bloody crossposting.
For example: WebCom and VisCom. They are often too close together to
remain two committees. Especially for newcomers it's fairly confusing
(for us as well, see above).

Both WebCom and VisCom could at least operate on the same list.
Or: Merge WebCom and SAC lists (SAC traffic is low enough).

Just my 0.02 cents,

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