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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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I agree that this is the way that the committees are currently set up, but frankly it isn't working.
Mandates aside, WebCom is currently involved in two areas.  The first is generating a marketing-based user experience which requires a plan (which you're doing a great job on) and content.  Apart from the fact that it's on the web, this is very close to what VisCom is doing in physical media.  The second is to more technology-based, and aligns closely with SAC's responsibilities.  The result is that in order to get stuff done the majority of our work needs to be communicated with at least one other committee.  As well, the level of involvement in WebCom is not all that high.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but apart from that my feeling is that this is partially because of the overlap in mandates between the three committees.
I think that in a volunteer-based organisation the board needs to be pragmatic about setting direction.  There is no ability to "make it so", so they have to find ways of making it work within the resources available.  Either that, or make resources available by making committee participation a requirement for project membership. :)  This doesn't solve Frank's problem with most communications involving more than one committee though.


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I am kind out of the loop here:
Q: what is SAC?

Comment: in reviewing the mandate of the two committee's VisCom seemed
rather focused on conferences and the like, and webcom on service (user,
community and developer).  I should hope that it is the board setting
the communication agenda here and delegating out to us volunteers as needed.

>> My proposal would be to split WebCom's mandate between SAC and VisCom,
>> and dissolve WebCom.  I don't have enough ego attached to being the
>> WebCom chair to fight for it, and would be happy to channel that time
>> into something more directly productive like content creation or helping
>> with the infrastructure changeover, Drupal customisation, etc...
> I agree.  My head hurts and this could help.
> Tyler
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