[VisCom] Logos, Round II

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Oct 30 21:43:32 EST 2006

I'm pretty sure that the tagline is fixed in stone.  Didn't we run a vote on it?
I like the new graphic, though the old logo seems to degrade to smaller sizes better.  Probably because of the gradient fill.
I didn't like the new green at all at first look.  Too grassy; too much yellow.  I think it's growing on me though.
I do like the full colour version, but think that we need to standardise on white for the word OSGeo on a black background.  I like the one colour version better, but I think it's because of this.  Also possibly because it's "whiter", bringing the overall colour impression very close to our original logo (that I've become used to).
The reversed one is nice too, but in this case, I think that we should lose the shaded effect on the compass spokes.  They don't show up, and the effect is a compass with wonky spokes.


From: Michael P. Gerlek [mailto:mpg at lizardtech.com]
Sent: Mon 2006-10-30 5:15 PM
To: dev at visibilitycommittee.osgeo.org
Subject: [VisCom] Logos, Round II

See attached from John Close.

He reminds me that "Remember, we will not be able to please everyone..."
and that at this point we need to give him final instructions.  I'm
personally happy with the "revised proposal" (although not the tag line;
I don't like his suggestion or our current one).

Do people like the New Green?  (Being a bit colorblind, I will abstain
from any color votes...)

I *really* like the "full color" and "reversed" logos on the last page.

Please send all comments to the list ASAP, so we can harmonize and
continue our push on this.


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