[VisCom] Logos, Round II

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Tue Oct 31 11:26:59 EST 2006

[responding to Jason and Arnulf, just because I'm lazy]

> I'm pretty sure that the tagline is fixed in stone.  Didn't we run a vote on it?

Well, yes -- but no fears, I'm not opening up the tag line question.. but I did mention to John C that we weren't overwhelmingly happy with the tag line we had, and he offered to ponder alternatives for us.  That said, we have agreed already within VisCom that as it seems the current tagline is rarely being used, we're likely to be using a form of the logo w/o any tagline at all.

> 0,255,0

I think this extremist would offend the sensibilities of any graphic designer.  It's probably the equivalent of just using "Times" as our font. :-)  That said, I'm open to more comments and opinions...

> I feel the need to be more flexible on the part that disallows to experiment with the logo. 

Yup, again no fears.  The wiki page represents a stake in the ground to prevent arbitrary hacking of our brand by just anyone.  VisCom has carefully reserved the right to do whatever we want as we see fit, and so I anticipate lots of "approved" riffs on the logo for legit purposes.

> I do like the full colour version, but think that we need to standardise on white for
> the word OSGeo on a black background.  I like the one colour version better, but I
> think it's because of this.  Also possibly because it's "whiter", bringing the overall
> colour impression very close to our original logo (that I've become used to).

For many/most common usages, we can't have a black background logo be the default -- if that is what you're suggesting?  Sorry, I didn't quite follow your comments...

> The reversed one is nice too, but in this case, I think that we should lose the
> shaded effect on the compass spokes.  They don't show up, and the effect is a
> compass with wonky spokes.

Hmm, lemme look again at that...

> we cannot use any of our color laser printers to print out flyers because the colors
> look different on each of them.

I will add a "good faith" clause to the branding guidelines.  While you may not hack the colors in Photoshop, but you can't be held responsible for the actions of rogue printers.

> I am happy with this milestone.   +1

Umm, does that mean you're good with the "revised proposal" as is, despite the 0,0xFF,0 request, or...?

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