[VisCom] Budget work

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 5 00:41:52 EDT 2006

>   (1) costs of logo/branding work
>   (2) costs of discretioanry swag to date
>   (3) list of what shows for us to be at remain for 2006
>   (4) list of expenses per show (as much as possible) for our  
> events to
> date

I will do what I can, but I think it can be a bottomless hole to try  
to enumerate all the costs.  e.g. the platinum sponsorship for OSCON  
cost $60k, but that isn't from our OSGeo budget (though it is from  
Autodesk's internal promo budget, I'm sure).  And Autodesk event/ 
marketing staff too have done a lot that we would normally have to  
pay for.  So these are, essentially, significant 'sponsored' events  
that may be something OSGeo ends up wanting to do directly, or they  
may be one or two time events to get started, etc. etc.

I guess it would be helpful to know what it did cost for things,  
including internal and external/sponsor costs, but how far do you  
go?  Ultimately if we have a good reason for funding an idea, we  
should pull the costs together and see if we can make it happen.   
Knowing what it did cost doesn't mean we'll do it the same way at the  
same cost in the future... so how can we guess ahead of time?  I  
think we need to dream big and then define the cost and see if the  
money is there.  We know the order of magnitude is going to be within  
the 10's of 1,000's and less than 100k for any given event - is that  
enough of a range to define things?

Perhaps you are just generally wondering what different aspects to  
the events cost on their own?  I.e. printing, booth material/setup,  
sponsorships, etc?


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