Hawaii (open source talk at PacGeo conference)

Giguere, Thomas A thomas.giguere at intergraph.com
Thu Sep 21 03:21:37 EDT 2006

Ben, Frank;
Thanks for your interest...sorry for the late response.  Basically, the
conference agenda took a turn.  We were originally planning to have an
Open Source GIS section and several other session at the conference, but
when we combined PacGeo with HCPO we lost some time slots.  The
open-source full session was one of the casualities.
But the good news is that there is one talk on the subject, maybe you
know Lance?:

Data Management and Sharing Applications I
   Lance Goode  An Introduction to Open Source Geospatial Technologies  
   Pacific Geospatial Anahola, HI  
This presentation introduces a selection of some of the more popular
Open Source geospatial tools and technologies in use today. MapServer,
originally developed by the University of Minnesota, is an Open Source
environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications.
PostGIS, created by Refractions Research, adds support for geographic
objects to PostgreSQL, an Open Source object-relational database system.
The presentation includes a functional overview of both of these
systems, as well as discussion about other Open Source tools that are
commonly used in conjunction with these products. Both Mapserver and
PostGIS include implementation of specifications created by the Open
Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), an international body that leads the
development standards for geospatial and location based services. The
presentation will be followed by a technology demonstration that will
show both Mapserver and PostGIS in action.   

Here's the link to the conference talks, you are welcome to attend if
you're visiting Oahu.
If you plan on stopping by, let me know and we'll meet up.
Thanks again!

Thomas Giguere 
Sr. Systems Consultant 
Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) Division 
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thomas.giguere at intergraph.com, www.intergraph.com 

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Hi Tom,

I am indeed here in Hawaii (near Honokaa on the Big Island), and i am
indeed active with GIS-related open-source software
(http://vterrain.org/).  Where are you at?  Can you tell me more, e.g.
Frank's questions below?


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> Tom Writes:
>  > Frank,
>  > Thanks for the invite...
>  > BTW, we are having a GIS conference here in Hawaii in early 
> October.  We plan to have a session on Open GIS.
>  > Do you have any contacts or know of anyone who can speak about Open

> GIS here in Hawaii?
>  > If you have any recommendations I will contact them.
>  > Thx,
>  > Tom
> Tom,
> I think that Ben Discoe of the VTP project - a terrain oriented 3D 
> visualization toolkit, is living in Hawaii and might have an interest.
> I have taken the liberty of cc:ing Ben.
> When you say "Open GIS" do you mean open standards, like from OGC or 
> open source, like we at OSGeo promote?
> Do you have a web page or something like that talking about the 
> conference?
> If so, I can submit a note to our "Visibility Committee" 
> which tries to coordinate speakers for GIS conferences to talk on open

> source gis topics.

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