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This is the conference Adena and Joe F. talked to Frank about...  In
fact, I just send Joe a note an hour ago about getting OSGeo involved.


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	Note below, an open source technology topic...

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	Directions Media Presents...
Conference & Exhibition


Theme: Convergence
Date: April 16-18, 2007
Place: San Francisco, Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel

Directions Media invites you to submit a presentation
66092&Newsletter=578&List=1&LinkType=Send>  to our 2007 Location
Intelligence Conference. The Location Intelligence Conference is focused
on the "business of location technology." In particular it focuses on
how to make or save money from implementing the technology within your

We invite presentations on the following topics:

>From mashups to money
- Taking entrepreneurial location technology ideas to the next level:
Building a viable, profitable business

Pricing models of mobile location services

Pricing models of online Web services, data services and consumer
services (Frapper; MotionBased), etc.

The art of geospatial war in business

The sensor Web

Open source geospatial technology
- Business opportunities for open source geospatial technology and
- Interoperability and open source technology

Emerging technology issues
- GeoRSS, Interoperablity, RFID, Privacy

Remote sensing, imagery and image mapping
New platforms, uses and applications 

Real time dynamic data 

Vertical industry perspectives
- Location intelligence in retail analysis 
- Location Intelligence in financial risk models 
- Fleet management and mobile assets 
- Risk mitigation: insurance and homeland security 
- Geointelligence in forward deployed military operations 
- Government as a geospatially enabled enterprise 
- Real estate information applications

Business intelligence meets location technology

Spatial databases: How much goes into the database?

The ROI of location intelligent solutions

Why should venture capitalists care about location intelligence?

Location enabling the consumer

Indoor location determination and applications 

Location servers - white labeling the Web world with location-based

Geospatial patents 

Curriculums for business school and location intelligence.

You may submit a presentation
66092&Newsletter=578&List=1&LinkType=Send>  or if you have any
questions, contact Nora Parker <mailto:nora.parker at directionsmag.com> . 



Complete exhibitor information
66092&Newsletter=578&List=1&LinkType=Send> , including a diagram of the
exhibit floor
66092&Newsletter=578&List=1&LinkType=Send>  is now available. Booth
reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. Please email or
call Jane Elliott <mailto:jane.elliott at directionsmag.com>  with
questions at 847-242-0412.

2006 Conference Sponsors:

Google, Microsoft, Mapquest Business Solutions, Oracle, Autodesk,
MapInfo, GlobeXplorer, DataLever, DMTI Spatial, ESRI, Forum Analytics
L.L.C., GeoDecisions, geoVue, Group 1 Software, Inc., Immersive Media
Corp., Information Builders, KOREM, MapData Sciences, MetaCarta, NAVTEQ,
Placebase, Planet 9 Studios, Safe Software, SSS Research Inc., Synergos
Technologies, Tele Atlas, TerraGo Technologies, TerraSeer, Urban
Explorer and GeoGraphs Corporation, BAAMA, BusinessIntelligence.com,
MobileIN.com, Montgomery Research, Network Computing, Ventana Research 


The Worldwide Source for Geospatial and Location Technology News &




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