[Viscom-dev] FW: Francophone Local chapter and GeoEvenementtradeshow

Pericles S. Nacionales pnaciona at gis.umn.edu
Sun Feb 25 16:12:53 EST 2007

I would also like to see this supported.  

Perry Nacionales
pnaciona at gis.umn.edu

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Subject: [Viscom-dev] FW: Francophone Local chapter and GeoEvenement

Hello viscom,
Below is a request from the French OSGeo chapter (under formation) to help fund attendance at Geo-Evenement (http://www.ortech.fr/geo-evenement/index.php). They are requesting $1500--$2000 to pay for a booth, collateral and t-shirts.  As the main OSGeo event budget is about to be approved, can we please accommodate this Chapter's request?

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Subject: Francophone Local chapter and GeoEvenement tradeshow

The creation of the francophone OsGeo Local Chapter is still under discussion, helped by the [Francophone] mailing list created hosted by OsGeo.
This chapter would like to request your support for attending the major french Geospatial Tradeshow.
The GeoEvenement tradeshow  will take place in Paris, from 3th to 5th April
2007 (see http://www.ortech.fr/geo-evenement/index.php).
FYI, on this tradeshow, Gwenael and I plan: 
- on wedneday 4th, a meeting of all the volunteer for this local chapter - at this time 65 registred to the mailing list.
- on thursday 5th, a conference with the following subject : "Why an OsGeo Francophone chapter is important?"
Some Open Source system integrators (like Camptocamp) have raised the will to create an Open Source village.
>From our point of view, even if the Francophone chapter is still not official, it would make sense to have a booth in this village to present the need of a francophone chapter, and help to gather local supporters.
We would like to know is OsGeo could support this booth.
We estimate the budget of the booth between 1500 and 2000$, depending on the budget asked by the Open Source village organizer. Perhaps we could get it for free.
We would need also your support for collaterals and T Shirt.
Do you think OsGeo could support us?
PS : I copied the description to -
Yves Jacolin
33 rue carnot
92 150 Suresnes
0872 14 2008
06 64 28 27 92

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