[Viscom-dev] Budget stuff...

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 26 12:46:55 EST 2007

On 26-Feb-07, at 9:37 AM, Chris Holmes wrote:

> What happened to all the booth stuff from where 2.0 last year?  Or  
> foss4g for that matter?  Can't we re-use that?  I mean, obviously  
> not the hand-outs, but at least have a table that we can talk at.

We do have some things Chris, you are right.  I think the signage may  
be gone but that we have the black banner and/or table skirt with the  
old logo on it.  And also a pop-up banner.  Michael, can you tell us  
what you have on-hand?

My requests are mainly to develop more of a pop-up booth that can be  
easily shipped around.  And to also cover other costs like sundry  
bits and pieces required at an event - power, internet, tables,  
carpet, etc... which can quickly add up.  Unfortunately those are not  
very reusable :[


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