[Viscom-dev] Where 2.0

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 28 19:43:18 EST 2007

On 28-Feb-07, at 10:40 AM, Josh Livni wrote:

> Regarding the 15 min time period we have set aside for lightning  
> talks:
>  Brady would like to hear any proposed speakers and their topics  
> that we have for these, ASAP.
>  Volunteers?
>  Should I ask over at the openlayers camp (I think one or two of  
> them may be attending)

I'd ask generally on the OSGeo discuss list, also the geowankers list  
is a good one (there are many folks on that list in the Bay area).   
Also, I have at least 6 particular people that may be able to help  
with booth and/or BOF.  Some will likely already have talks scheduled.

I suspect many of the folks will respond to posting on Discuss list,  
so I'd try there first.  After that I can give you a list of names to  
focus on.


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