[Viscom-dev] [Fwd: Invitation to Propose a Workshop or Tutorial for GSDI 10]

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Fri Jun 8 09:50:10 EDT 2007

Chris Holmes wrote:
> Did we manage to get this sent in?  If not I need to give Harlan a title 
> and try to finish this off soon, since it's past June 1.
> thanks,
> Chris

as promised I have sent in a vague proposal and received a one-liner from Harlan Onsrud in response:

> Arnulf, We will be back to you soon. Thanks for the submission! Harlan Onsrud 

I guess we can count that as a confirmation that we are in. As I will be away for several weeks soon I would like to have one of you to join in organizing so that they get a prompt answer whenever they need anything. I will send a separate mail next week with the details as it also concerns my role as chair of VisCom (I guess we need a co-chair or even share the chair completely (I'd prefer the left armrest and half of the seat).

Best regards, 

> Salvador Bayarri wrote:
>>    Hello everyone,
>>       I've added the contribution of gvSIG, as mentioned by Mike and 
>> Jeroen. I did the presentation last year with them and it was a good 
>> experience. However, we realized that it's not trivial to go through 
>> all the process smoothly, from installation to integration demos. In 
>> my view, it is necessary for a representative from each project to be 
>> available in the conference, prior to the workshop, to install & test 
>> the integration.
>>       On a side note: although gvSIG is not officially an OSGeo 
>> project yet, we'll be requesting entry in the incubator as soon as I 
>> get official confirmation, probably next week. The delay has been 
>> related to internal reorganization of the project, which it's still 
>> going on, but we think this process should not stop the incubation 
>> progress. In fact the incubation will probably help us in some aspect 
>> of the internal reorganization.
>>       Let me know if any further detail are needed,
>>          Salvador
>> Arnulf Christl escribió:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I take the interim lead on this to get us past submission deadline. 
>>> We can
>>> work out later who actually must to go there and sweat and suffer 
>>> through
>>> the conference.
>>> Lets start by adding ideas to the Wiki:
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/GSDI
>>> My preference would be a workshop that shows off the whole OSGeo SDI 
>>> stack
>>> with references to all projects. The main part would be a hands-on
>>> demonstration showing that the technology works and now people only need
>>> pick it up to populate it and policies need to adopt and promote them.
>>> Should be easy going.
>>> I would like to close editing on the workshop part on wednesday so 
>>> that I
>>> can pull it together for the proposal.
>>> Regards,
>>> Arnulf.
>>> On Fri, May 25, 2007 10:43, Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> We had a good experience in Santiago with our workshop. It was more
>>>> of an extended demonstration due to the lack of computer facilities
>>>> and due to the fact that almost nobody took a laptop or so with them
>>>> into the workshop.
>>>> We went through a session that installed and showed GeoServer,
>>>> GeoNetwork and gvSIG. Than we set up a map service, created a related
>>>> catalog entry and had gvSIG and GeoNetwork use the WMS service from
>>>> GeoServer. gvSIG searched the GeoNetwork node and found the GeoServer
>>>> map service and opened it. I don't remember if we had gvSIG also use
>>>> the WFS service from GeoServer.
>>>> All in all it was a good and challenging experience with a large
>>>> audience attending. It also provided us with one of those necessary
>>>> milestones in establishing and/or testing interoperability between
>>>> applications :-)
>>>> We (GeoNetwork and gvSIG) just discussed a workshop at the gvSIG
>>>> conference in November, including GeoServer. We also discussed taking
>>>> that to GSDI-10. So I think there's all the scope from our side to
>>>> proceed with a proposal. Even if nobody is in the position at this
>>>> point in time to say they will see those blue oceans with there feet
>>>> in the water :-) What a bad outlook that is...
>>>> With the availability of modern computer labs, as described on the
>>>> GSDI-10 site, we now have to define the type and the number of
>>>> workshops :-)
>>>> What projects are thinking of giving a workshop at GSDI-10? Who would
>>>> like to do cross-project workshops?
>>>> Ciao,
>>>> Jeroen
>>>> On 24 May 2007, at 10:34 PM, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>>>> I went two years ago, where I met Jeroen for the first time, and
>>>>> Allan was there as well.  In general the conference has a few
>>>>> concurrent sessions, where people present papers.  It's more
>>>>> academic/government - people actually write papers for one.  The
>>>>> first year we gave a paper on open source for SDI's which was
>>>>> decently received.
>>>>> Last year we did the workshop, Jeroen and I applied, and then I
>>>>> think we joined up with Michael Gould and gvSig?  The workshop's a
>>>>> pretty sweet deal I believe (I wasn't there), it happens before the
>>>>> conference, and it's a great opportunity to educate people who
>>>>> don't know much about your stuff, and give some hands on demos.
>>>>> The workshops are primarily for the sponsors who provide funds for
>>>>> the conference, so it's pretty nice that Harlan manages to get us
>>>>> an open source slot.
>>>>> The angle to present is pretty basics, just showing off the
>>>>> capabilities of open source, get people to see that it's a reality
>>>>> and competitive with anyone else.  The audience isn't super
>>>>> advanced - I believe it tends to be a bit more government decision
>>>>> makers, a bit less the actual tech people.
>>>>> Jeroen, you have any other insight?  Since you were actually there
>>>>> for the last one.
>>>>> Chris
>>>>> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>>>>>> It does sound promising - can anyone provide some experience from
>>>>>> previous events?  What happens, how does it work, what angle can
>>>>>> we best present?
>>>>>> Tyler
>>>>>> On 24-May-07, at 11:40 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:
>>>>>>> On Wed, May 23, 2007 11:48, Chris Holmes wrote:
>>>>>>>> Anyone planning on going to GSDI-10?  I'm pretty confident we
>>>>>>>> could get
>>>>>>>> a workshop there.  I didn't go last year, but had a group of
>>>>>>>> people who
>>>>>>>> were going to go, so we organized it together.  There's a lot of
>>>>>>>> government decision makers who go to this, it may not be a bad
>>>>>>>> place to
>>>>>>>> have some osgeo presence.  It's just way too far away for me to
>>>>>>>> know if
>>>>>>>> I'll personally be attending.
>>>>>>> Hey,
>>>>>>> same for me. But nonetheless we should apply for a workshop. I am
>>>>>>> very
>>>>>>> sure that someone knowledgeable from around OSGeo will be there.
>>>>>>> And if
>>>>>>> not I have the perfect excuse that I must go myself... ;-)
>>>>>>> So my VisCom opinion is to apply and see later how to fill in the
>>>>>>> blanks.
>>>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>>>> Arnulf.
>>>>>>>> -------- Original Message --------
>>>>>>>> Subject:     Invitation to Propose a Workshop or Tutorial for
>>>>>>>> GSDI 10
>>>>>>>> Date:     Wed, 23 May 2007 17:35:02 -0400
>>>>>>>> From:     Harlan Onsrud <onsrud at spatial.maine.edu>
>>>>>>>> To:     cholmes at openplans.org
>>>>>>>> Dear Chris,
>>>>>>>> GSDI 10 will be held in Trinidad 25-29 February 2008. See
>>>>>>>> http://gsdi.org/gsdi10
>>>>>>>> We are once again inviting proposals for the presentation of
>>>>>>>> workshops
>>>>>>>> on the first day of the conference. See
>>>>>>>> http://gsdi.org/gsdi10/workshops.html
>>>>>>>> Workshops this time will be offered under a slightly different
>>>>>>>> arrangement that we hope will attract strong attendance. We are
>>>>>>>> requesting workshop proposals by the end of this month so that
>>>>>>>> people
>>>>>>>> registering for the conference will be able to sign up for specific
>>>>>>>> workshops in advance. In this manner instructors will know the
>>>>>>>> number of
>>>>>>>> people attending their workshops and have the contact
>>>>>>>> information for
>>>>>>>> their participants in advance.
>>>>>>>> We highly encourage you to submit a workshop proposal. For
>>>>>>>> reference,
>>>>>>>> the description of the workshop you presented in Santiago in
>>>>>>>> 2006 may be
>>>>>>>> found at http://www.gsdi.org/gsdiconf/gsdi9/english/
>>>>>>>> 09_Act_Work_Sched.htm.
>>>>>>>> Submit your proposal on or before 1 June 2007 to onsrud at gsdi.org
>>>>>>>> with a
>>>>>>>> copy to astevens at gsdi.org. If you submit, you should have a
>>>>>>>> decision by
>>>>>>>> the evaluation committee in early June.
>>>>>>>> We look forward to hearing from you.
>>>>>>>> *The GSDI 10 Local and Regional Organizing Committee*
>>>>>>>> _Co-Chairs:_
>>>>>>>> *Jacob Opadeyi*, Centre for GeoSpatial Studies, The University
>>>>>>>> of the
>>>>>>>> West Indies, Trinidad
>>>>>>>> *Bheshem Ramlal*, Department of Surveying and Land Information, The
>>>>>>>> University of the West Indies, Trinidad
>>>>>>>> _Committee Members:*
>>>>>>>> *_*Carol Ann Albury*, National GIS Coordinator, Office of the Prime
>>>>>>>> Minister, Bahamas
>>>>>>>> *Cecille Blake*, National GIS Coordinator, Ministry of
>>>>>>>> Agriculture and
>>>>>>>> Lands, Jamaica
>>>>>>>> *Santiago Borrero*, Secretary General, Pan American Institute of
>>>>>>>> Geography and History
>>>>>>>> *Tatiana Delgado Fernandez*, National Commission of the SDI of the
>>>>>>>> Republic of Cuba
>>>>>>>> *Desmond Dougall*, GISCAD, Trinidad
>>>>>>>> *Tyrone Leong*, Director of Surveys, Surveying and Mapping
>>>>>>>> Division,
>>>>>>>> Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, Trinidad
>>>>>>>> *Adolphus Ollivierre*, Lands and Surveys Department, St. Vincent
>>>>>>>> and the
>>>>>>>> Grenadines
>>>>>>>> *Harold Wall*, GIS Officer, Ministry of Planning and
>>>>>>>> Development, Trinidad
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