[Viscom-dev] Budget stuff...

Josh Livni josh at umbrellaconsulting.com
Thu Mar 1 19:51:46 EST 2007

Assuming you aren't heading to Where 2.0, I can easily pick those up 
from you and bring them with me (assuming they travel nicely on a plane)


Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> I just opened the boxes...  We have one black sheet with logo, 86x152 --
> might be a table drape, I think.  We also have one of those
> rectract-o-matic banner dealies (by expandmedia.com), black background
> with our logo -- size is about (my height) x (my width).
> If someone has links to the Where 2.0 pictures, I could show you :-)
> -mpg

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