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Nathalie Mainland Nathalie.Mainland at autodesk.com
Thu Mar 1 19:54:22 EST 2007

Hi there,
I'm having the table drape and pop-up banner updated for Location
Intelligence and Where 2.0. They'll have the new OSGeo logo and the
banner will have updated project and sponsor info. We can also reuse
these new materials at OSCON and FOSS4G.

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Assuming you aren't heading to Where 2.0, I can easily pick those up 
from you and bring them with me (assuming they travel nicely on a plane)


Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> I just opened the boxes...  We have one black sheet with logo, 86x152
> might be a table drape, I think.  We also have one of those
> rectract-o-matic banner dealies (by expandmedia.com), black background
> with our logo -- size is about (my height) x (my width).
> If someone has links to the Where 2.0 pictures, I could show you :-)
> -mpg
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